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Help and reduce the "plastic soup"!

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The unique and socially responsible company activity or team activity.

Get on the water with your team to fish for plastic: SUPclean-up, with the aim of cleaner water in the Netherlands!


SUP clean up creates a bond, contributes to team building and together we reduce the Plastic Soup. Doing something for nature together with your colleagues not only gives you a good feeling, you will also see that it will be a fun battle to see who fishes the most waste out of the water or has the weirdest or coolest "catch of the day"! You will soon notice that everyone can be a real plastic fisher.

For more information, read the FAQs 


Boarding location:

There is a public parking lot opposite the entrance of the CJVV football club. Here we gather and get on the board via a small jetty.

Link for your navigation:


SUP-Amersfoort SUP Cleanup center Amersfoort

2h Tour


Price per person, minimum 6 participants

Wetsuit €4 p.p.

Contact SCU


telephone:+31 6 48 75 36 94

SUP-Amersfoort has no fixed location.

We do have a regular boarding point at Gasthuislaan. We also board elsewhere in the Amersfoort area, Nijkerk, Bunschoten, Leusden, Cothen, etc.

Bedankt! Bericht verzonden. Check svp uw spambox als u niet binnen 2 dagen reactie ontvangt.

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