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I have never SUP before, is that a problem?
No, most people who book have never been on a board before. You will always receive explanations and if you have any difficulty during a trip, I am always there to give you some more attention and help.

What if you fall?
Then nothing happens, you just climb back on your board and continue paddling. If you get cold, I always have a jacket with me that you can borrow. If you have trouble getting back on your board, I will give you tips or support.

Are there any conditions?
Yes there are, these are stated in the General Terms and Conditions. In short, you must have a swimming diploma and be able to handle the boards properly.

Can I also rent boards?
Yes, that is not always possible. My philosophy is that you are often better off with a guided tour. Most people who book have not paddled before and then it is important that you are told how to paddle. Even though the emphasis on a tour is on the surroundings, I will still give you tips and advice along the way if necessary. Renting is possible depending on the availability of boards.

Is SUP difficult?
No, SUP is easy for most people to learn. The first minutes may be a bit tense, but you get used to it quickly. Falling is the exception rather than the rule. You don't have to be strong or in great shape. Of course, a sporty mindset helps.

What if it rains or is bad weather?
Depending on the reliability of the expectation, I try to make a good estimate. I will then discuss with you whether you want to plan another date or whether you want to cancel. You always pay afterwards, so you never lose your money.

What do I wear?
Preferably synthetic sportswear. Something you would also wear when you go running or exercising. You can take an extra (windproof) vest or jacket with you on the road. Jeans and other cotton clothing are not recommended, if you get wet it will cool down enormously, drying will be bad and will be heavy. If it is very hot you can just put on your swimwear, of course.

Bare foot or shoes?
That's up to you, I personally prefer bare feet because you have more contact with your board. Be careful when you put on your shoes that they will probably get wet, including your socks if you keep them on.

What do I take with me?
A water bottle for on the go, the boards have an elastic where you can secure items. If you wear glasses, a glasses cord or elastic is recommended. Sunscreen for sunny days. To be on the safe side, always take dry clothes and a towel with you.

How do I make a reservation?
Via 06 - 48 75 36 94 or via Then we will determine together which date and time suits you best!

Can I come to the location and board without a reservation?
No, unfortunately, that is not possible. SUP-Amersfoort has a regular boarding point, but no fixed location on the water where the boards are located. Per request, the boards are driven to the boarding location where I will wait for you. When you arrive, everything is ready to go on the water.

How can I pay?
Preferably via a payment request on location, this can be done contactless. Cash or in advance via invoice is also possible. If you wish, you can receive an invoice via email.

Contact Grachtentocht


telephone:+31 6 48 75 36 94

SUP-Amersfoort has no fixed location.

We do have a regular boarding point at Gasthuislaan. We also board elsewhere in the Amersfoort area, Nijkerk, Bunschoten, Leusden, Cothen, etc.

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