• Hasan Ismail

My road to SUP11CityTour 2015

I’ve been holding back from posting this. I suck at writing and WordPress just told me it’s 77 days due.. Plus I don’t know who’d be interested to read about a Singaporean who took part in a 5-day 220km SUP race in the Netherlands.

Since I’ve already got it somewhat drafted, I’m throwing it out for my own keep sake. I would understand if you can’t bear reading it till the end. It’s a really long post. Yea. You’ve been warned.

You see, I only picked up the sport summer 2014 in Curaçao. I was based for work with their tv station for some 2 months but some major dragonboat competitions was due as soon as I return. Being away, I also missed the opportunity to join the team for World Club Crew Championship in Ravenna Italy that year. Bummer.

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